Q and A

1.       How much do we have to pay for your service?

Since we are volunteer guides, you do not need to pay for our guide service.
However, please pay guidefs expenses during the tour such as transportations, admissions and meals. In addition to it, please pay a flat rate of 1,500 yen/day/guide as the transportation fee from guidefs home to your place and back.

2.       How soon can we get the result after we apply a guide?

Wefll answer you within 3 days.

3.       Do you offer guide service in other areas than Kyoto?

Generally, we provide our service only in Kyoto and vicinity.

4.       Can you provide a guide who speaks languages other than English?

Yes. We have members who speak languages other than English, like French, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian.
But the numbers of those guides are limited and very often not available.
So, if English is acceptable to you, please mention it when you request a guide.

5.       How big group at most can you provide your guide service with?

Up to 10 people. In the case of more than 5 people, wefll assign two guides.

6.       Can you arrange accommodations or transportations?

Sorry, we canft. We do provide guide service only.
As for transportations, we make it rule to use public transportations like buses, trains, and taxis. Please note that we do not arrange cycling tours or tours by rental cars driven by guests for safety reasons in each case.

7.       Do you accept guide requests from a travel agency?

We do not. Our guide service is not for the tourist business.

8.       Do you accept a handicapped guest?

Yes, if the guest is accompanied by anyone.
Please inform us well in advance about his/her handicap conditions in as much details as possible.

Goodwill Guide on Kyoto Handicraft and Historical Sites (GGKH)